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Team Equine LLC, Saddlery & Harness, Molalla, OR

American Manufacturer and Importer                      of  High Quality Horse Products
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Being an  industry leader in  manufacturing and importing of equine products takes passion, and a desire to create high quality items for people who love to ride horses as much as we do. That's why from cutting edge technology to our innovative core, Team Equine prides itself on second to none quality. We hope you enjoy our saddle pads, protective boots, cinches and  related items as well whether on the ranch, at a competition or summiting a new trail. 
Note: This video is from 2010 and Charly Crawford and Trevor Knowles are no longer members of our company, we appreciate their contributions.
We offer saddle fitting consultations for prospective Team Equine customers for a refundable fee, if saddle pad is purchased thereafter. If your horse is asymmetric, hard to fit, or if you just aren’t sure which insert is right for you send us the following photos and we’ll help you or your dealer determine what insert will work best. Since we custom build all the pads in our Oregon based factory, Team Equine can also custom make a pad to fit the most unusual back shapes.
*Just send us your photos and we will give you our fitting advice...
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